April WarnerApril Warner

Student of Massage Therapy at American Institute of Alternative Medicine

Student of Go Yoga’s Integrative Teacher Training

Coordinator at Lifetime Fitness Life Spa

Sales Associate at Oakland Nursery HOME store

Columbus, OH


PRTC Apprenticeship Credits:

  • ”Redwood Curtain” by Lanford Wilson
  • “Spring Comedy Festival” by Various Playwrights
  • “The Last Romance” by Joe DePietro
  • “Annapurna” by Sharr White


What or who inspired you to become an apprentice at the Purple Rose?

During the interview process, I really enjoyed the energy of Guy Sanvile (Artistic Director) and Michelle Mountain (Literary Manager & Resident Artist). I wanted a working environment that valued education so I felt it was a good choice.


What is the most useful skill or piece of knowledge you gained from your apprenticeship?

Don’t live in fear. Be bold.


What job opportunities (theatre-related or otherwise) have you had following your apprenticeship?

After working as an apprentice at the PRTC, I acted in The Rose’s summer production of “2AZ” by Michael Brian Ogden. From there I accepted a role as an apprentice at Inlet Dance Theatre, and now I work a few part-time jobs while attending massage therapy and yoga-teaching school!


How has your apprenticeship prepared you for/contributed to your current job?

Right now I’m training to be a massage therapist, and because of the apprenticeship I feel like I am very good at creating an environment that centers around the client. When people tell me to do something or ask for something, I hop to my feet and get on it! People appreciate that.



Of the shows on which you worked, which one was your favorite? Why?

My favorite show was “Last Romance.” That was the last show that involved everyone from my original apprentice class and I greatly value our time together. It’s what I miss the most about my time there.

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