Clements, JillianJill Clements

Tipping Point Apprentice/House Manager, Tipping Point Theatre

Northville, MI


PRTC Apprentice Credits:

  • “Steel Magnolias” by Robert Harling
  • “Talley’s Folly” by Lanford Wilson
  • “2 AZ” by Michael Brian Ogden
  • “Casting Session” by Jeff Daniels


What or who inspired you to become an apprentice at the Purple Rose?

I was inspired by the website to become an apprentice. I looked at the education page saw and the things The Rose did. I just knew I wanted to be a part of something great.


What is the most useful skill or piece of knowledge you gained from your apprenticeship?
I really enjoyed gaining insight into the rehearsal process, and how to work with actors and designers. That was a cool aspect to the theatre I hadn’t experienced before. I loved watching that develop for four shows.


What job opportunities (theatre-related or otherwise) have you had following your apprenticeship?

After my time at the PRTC I accepted a second apprenticeship, this time at the Tipping Point Theatre in Northville, MI. The responsibilities of my current role include house managing, assistant stage managing and designing.


How has your apprenticeship prepared you for/contributed to your current job?

Thanks to my PRTC apprenticeship, I come to rehearsals as a prepared assistant stage manager, my work space is clean and organized, and I know how to talk with patrons and deal with seating issues. Over all I’m a well-rounded theatre professional that has many skills needed in working for a small theatre.


What are your best memories for your apprenticeship?

Near the end of the year-long apprenticeship, each cohort prepares a short series of self-written and self-produced plays. This event is always called “Dark Night,” because it takes place on a Monday or Tuesday night–when the regular show doesn’t have a performance and the theatre is “dark.”

To promote our “Dark Night,” my apprentice class filmed a video parodying the FRIENDS intro! That was a really fun project. I also smile whenever I think of any time all of us (apprentices) were together and bonding.


Of the shows on which you worked, which one was your favorite? Why?

My favorite show was “2 AZ,” by Michael Brian Ogden, because it was a World Premiere, something that wasn’t a fully polished/finished work at the start of the rehearsal process. Bringing zombies into the theatre was a new idea and I like that it pushed the limits of live performance.

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