a World Premiere by Michael Brian Ogden

June 11, 2015 - August 29, 2015

What would you miss most if everything that makes us free and civilized human beings ceased to exist? A warm shower? Clean sheets? Grocery stores? Movie theaters? Toilet paper? The war has been raging for 2 long years. No one is content. No one is secure. No one is safe from man, beast or worse. The great and terrible conflict will decide whether humanity will perish from this earth or have a new birth of hope. Michael Brian Ogden’s (Corktown, Bleeding Red) world premiere thriller digs deep into the recesses of our souls to face the monster that may be lurking in all of us. Join us for this truly unique theatrical event.
*Contains violence and adult language.

FORD FRIDAYS: July 10, 2015 & August 14, 2015

*Please note that the first row of seats on either side of the theatre (Rows E & J) have been REMOVED for this production.

Directed by Guy Sanville


  • David Bendena

  • Aja Brandmeier
  • Stephanie Buck
  • David Daoust
  • Devin Faught
  • Lauren Knox
  • Owen Likely
  • Rusty Mewha
  • Michelle Mountain
  • Rob Najarian
  • Michael Brian Ogden
  • Andrew Parker
  • Rhiannon Ragland
  • April Warner
  • Tom Whalen
  • Nina White

Press Quotes

“Don’t be deterred from seeing this amazing play by any general disenchantment with the Zombie genre. Anyone who loves good theatre will be thrilled by what this production accomplishes…” –Detroit Examiner

“…figuring out where the boundaries and standards of behavior are when our backs are against the wall—that is a universal scenario that never really gets tired or overdone, as long as it is done as well as in 2AZ.” –Encore Michigan

“Ogden tells a compelling story with well-developed characters and solid dialogue.” –MLive

“If this storyline sounds more like a movie than a play, well, it often feels like it, too. As is often the case at the Rose, the design team works in perfect concert to create an overall atmosphere that’s out of this world.” –MLive

This production has been generously sponsored by:

Matilda R. Wilson Fund
Neil & Annmarie Hawkins Family
Fred A. & Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation