Julia Garlotte HeadshotJulia Garlotte

Group Sales & Box Office Manager – Purple Rose Theatre Company
Chelsea, MI


PRTC Apprentice Credits:

  • Escanaba in Love by Jeff Daniels
  • The Subject Was Roses by Frank D. Gilroy
  • When the Lights Come On by Brian Letscher 
  • Sea of Fools by Matt Letscher
  • PRTC Apprentice Dark Night, one written scene and two performances


What or who inspired you to become an apprentice at the Purple Rose?
A friend and U of M classmate had just completed the apprenticeship when I applied, so I knew what to expect. With encouragement from friends at the time, I applied and took a PRTC acting bootcamp. The rest is history!

What is the most useful skill or piece of knowledge you gained from your apprenticeship?
Since the apprenticeship is all-encompassing, I dabbled in multiple areas of creating a show. One of the more important things I learned is that I had a knack for sound design. I’m also an actor, but I felt that it was important for me to have multiple skill-sets when it came to the theatre.


Of the shows on which you worked, which one was your favorite? Why?

I had a couple of favorite shows during my apprenticeship. Escanaba in Love. for which I operated the light board, was the first professional World Premiere play I’d ever been a part of. And while I didn’t have tons of light cues for which to push “Go” during the show, I never got tired of watching it. I also got to understudy for that show  when we moved it to the GEM Theatre in Detroit shortly after my apprenticeship.

I really loved getting to perfect some tricky quick changes backstage for The Subject Was Roses too, as well as taking care of the props, which included fresh roses and a new breakable vase for each performance.


What job opportunities (theatre-related or otherwise) have you had following your apprenticeship?

The box office position became available shortly after my apprenticeship, so I applied for it and received/accepted the offer! Since then I’ve also had the opportunity to understudy in a few shows and be in one at the PRTC.
This day job has afforded me the time and flexibility to act and sound design in many great Michigan theatres over the last 8 years. It’s great!

How has your apprenticeship prepared you for/contributed to your current job?
The apprentice program was designed to teach all areas of running a theatre, which gave me an appreciation for everyone else’s jobs when I’m on a design team or in a show. Having at least a general knowledge of how other departments do their jobs helps create a respect for their work and positions, and that ultimately creates a better show.

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