Featured Artist for January, 2013

Photo of Matthew Gwynn

Matthew Gwynn

In 2007, Matthew had two choices: join the Purple Rose as an apprentice or teach English in Korea. Much to Korea’s dismay, he chose to be an apprentice and happily spent the next year being mistaken for Jeff Daniels’ son by well meaning patrons. While his artistic career has blossomed beyond scrubbing the lobby toilets, he still considers the Rose to be his artistic home. Matt has appeared onstage in Growing Pretty, Bleeding Red, Our Town, and is currently starring in The Meaning of Almost Everything. In addition to his work at the Rose, Matthew has also had the pleasure of working with the Tipping Point Theatre, Williamston Theatre, and Wild Swan Theater. Occasionally you may even hear him on the radio or see him on TV. Matthew also enjoys teaching at Washtenaw Community College, inspiring the next generation of talent to move to Korea.

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