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An intimate, 168-seat theatre makes each Purple Rose performance intensely personal. For more than a decade, we’ve attended plays here. Every time, we feel the actors and playwrights are speaking directly to us; sharing funny, profound and thought provoking experiences.

Our gifts are also personal — to all those onstage and behind the curtain. Each gift directly supports productions by new playwrights and the superb training of hundreds of professionals who will fan out across the country writing, acting, designing, directing, stage managing and running theatres.

Michigan native Carey Crim is just one example. Carey made her Purple Rose acting debut in Book of Days by Lanford Wilson in 1998. A decade later her words took center stage when The Purple Rose premiered Growing Pretty. In Carey’s words, “The Purple Rose was the first theater to take a chance on my work. They believed in me, supported me and gave me an artistic home.” A home to which she returns faithfully.

The 26th season opened with Carey’s fourth world premiere, Morning After Grace. Along the way she has garnered awards and national attention. Her play 23.5 Hours will run in New York soon and Wake comes alive on film in 2017.

You can help us create many more Purple Rose successes. Your gift secures the lifeblood of the American stage, right here in Chelsea, Michigan.

Regional professional theatre enriches its communities, especially when it takes risks on new productions. In a world that rewards security and certainty, imagination and risk are daring qualities. They are the qualities that best reflect Jeff Daniels’ vision for The Purple Rose Theatre — to be a home for original, world-class American plays.

Despite the theatre’s immense popularity, ticket sales alone do not cover the cost of productions, much less its community outreach. This is in part because The Purple Rose is committed to making theatre accessible to everyone by offering discounted tickets for seniors, teachers, veterans and students. Contributors help The Purple Rose invest in educational initiatives, such as its Apprentice Program, workshops, classes, readings, lectures and tours. As a non-profit, this theatre’s ability to survive and thrive depends on donations, in addition to ticket revenue and grants.

We invite you to give generously. This season will feature the theatre’s 100th play. Please consider a gift of $100 or more to celebrate this milestone. The Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs will match the first $20,000 contributed, and your gift today will leverage this public support.

Thank you for being part of the Purple Rose family

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