London. December 1888. 221B Baker Street. The notorious and as-yet undiscovered genius Vincent van Gogh presents the master-sleuth Sherlock Holmes with a most unusual case. Aided by his partner Dr. Watson and his paramour Irene Adler, the trio embarks on a rousing adventure. Join the world’s greatest detective as he dashes forth to solve one of the most audacious crimes of the Victorian era. Contains adult language & content.

Donor Sales begin February 5, 2018
General Sales begin February 19, 2018
FORD FRIDAYS: April 13 & May 11, 2018

Directed by Guy Sanville


  • Mark Colson
  • Paul Stroili
  • Sarab Kamoo
  • Tom Whalen
  • Rusty Mewha
  • Caitlin Cavannaugh
  • Set Designer: Bart Bauer
  • Properties Designer: Danna Segrest
  • Costume Designer: Suzanne Young
  • Lighting Designer: Noele Stollmack
  • Sound Designer: Brad Phillips
  • Stage Manager: Angie Kane

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