Season 29

London. June, 1897. It’s the day before Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and her son, the playboy Prince of Wales, arrives at 221B Baker Street pursued by anarchist assassins. Coincidentally, the greatest chef in the world, Auguste Escoffier, also arrives at 221B, his career about to be shattered by blackmail and scandal. Can Holmes, Watson, and Irene Adler save the life of the heir to the British crown and the reputation of the master chef? And can they unmask the criminal genius behind both of these sinister conspiracies? This action-filled tale of royal debauchery, priceless gems, and gourmet food will provide Dr. Watson with the material for Sherlock Holmes’ most bizarre and tastiest case. Contains adult content.

Donor Sales begin July 29, 2019 • General Sales begin Aug. 12, 2019 • Ford Fridays: Oct. 18 & Dec. 6, 2019

Roadsigns is a beautiful, lyrical new play by Jeff Daniels. The play follows Lanny, a young poet, as he embarks on a journey to find the way to himself. This nostalgic tale is filled with rich characters who dwell on the outskirts of life, each following a dream or hoping to bump into one. Original music by Jeff Daniels and Ben Daniels.

*Contains adult language & content.

Sponsored by: Chelsea State Bank, Philip J. Curtis, and Domino’s

Donor Sales begin Nov. 25, 2019 • General Sales begin Dec. 9, 2019 • Ford Fridays: Feb. 7 & March 6, 2020

Five long-time best friends, in great need of a girls’ night out, gather for a bachelorette paint-and-sip night at their local art studio. As the wine and paint flow freely, secrets and long-held tensions come to the surface. Attempting to make contact with their inner artists, they confront buried truths about themselves and their relationships, proving that life, like art, rarely turns out exactly as planned.

*Contains adult language & content.

“Paint Night” is on hold due to COVID-19. New dates will be announced when possible.


Wednesday 3 PM $32.00
Thursday 8 PM $28.00
Friday 8 PM $42.00
Saturday 3 PM $43.00
Saturday 8 PM $47.00
Sunday 2 PM $43.00

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