Join us Thursday, February 16!

The show begins at 8:00PM, with the enhanced talkback immediately following.

Pre-show Environment: Audience members may view video of emerging AI project applications, a demonstration from the Chelsea Schools’ ranked FIRST Robotics Teams, a 3-D printer demonstration, and a reflective exhibit of cell phone technology through the ages, and more.

Performance: World Premiere of “Smart Love” by Michigan playwright Brian Letscher

Program: An enhanced talk-back (videotaped for educational access), begins immediately after the performance. Leading experts from the AI community, business and education fields discuss AI development in Michigan, and beyond:

Bart Bund

Actor, filmmaker and local professional ethicist

Rob Pasick

Author, organizational psychologist & lecturer, UM’s Ross School of Business & Entrepreneurship Center; Founder and President, LeadersConnect

Kevin Thompson

Director, IBM Marketing North America

Michael Kizer

Advisor, Chelsea High School FIRST Robotics teams

Marka Eberle

Advisor, CMS Robotics

Guy Sanville

Director, “Smart Love”

Randolph M. Jones, Ph.D.

Founder of Soar Technology

Satinder Singh Baveja, Ph.D.

Professor, Computer Science & Engineering; Director, UM’s AI Lab hosting the U-M/IBM Project Sapphire

Josh Nichols

Director, Spring Arbor University’s CrossBraining Project, and educator; Michigan’s MiSTEM Advisory Board

Ronney B. Mourad

Professor of Theology, Albion College

Brian Letscher

Playwright, “Smart Love”

Along with the audience, the panel will discuss the roles humans play in embracing new AI technologies, how we adapt to them, and more.


  • Introductions of expert panel, moderator
  • Opening or Excerpted commentary from Kevin Thompson, IBM Marketing North America (pending, brief context-settiing historical perspective, key question(s), IBM-Commerce approach/perspectives).
  • Conversation & AI related exploration of questions, not limited to:

“Just because we can do something high tech, should we?” 

“What is the projected impact of AI in our lives daily, and accelerating timeline for development?”  

“What are some examples of local research or community education in AI?”

“Will there be a sentient being soon?

What are the ethical ramifications and educational impacts moving forward?” 

“Should we shape or complacently accept futuristic technologies, or make careful choices, within ethical boundaries?”  


Program length, 30-40 minutes following performance.  

This event is made possible with the support of:

Neil & Annmarie Hawkins