a World Premiere by Jeff Daniels

APRIL 25, 1991 – JULY 21, 1991

Set in a small town, Jeff Daniels’ first play spoofs some of the community’s passionate beliefs, including the grand game of golf. The intertwining of these passions, both on and off the course, leads to infidelity, mayhem, and critical lessons in the proper way of hitting a seven iron.

Directed by T. Newell Kring


  • Joanne McGee
  • Janet Maylie
  • Richard Klautsch
  • Dana Gamarra
  • John Seibert
  • Patricia Rector
  • James Cooper
  • Linda Parolini
  • John Seibert
  • Set Designer: Gary Decker
  • Costume Designer: Lynn Durgom-McQuown
  • Lighting Designer: Susan Chute
  • Sound Designer: Ken Beauchamp
  • Stage Manager: Sandra Houde


“… highly theatrical, slightly absurdist in tone, satirical and cartoonish in style, and very funny. There’s a compelling new comedic voice to be heard here … intelligent, sophisticated … and thoroughly original … Daniels has a freshly wry sense of what is humorous in American culture and romance.”

The Detroit News

“… a romp of a play … It is a woozie jitterbug that punishes infidelity with a seven iron to the beanie.”

– Lansing State Journal

“… amiably zany … grandly and goofily entertaining …”

– The Ann Arbor News


a World Premiere by Lisa A. Wing

FEBRUARY 7, 1991 – MARCH 24, 1991

“Blush at Nothing” takes a humorous look at the Holdens, a slightly eccentric Midwestern family in Kalamazoo. Family matriarch Aunt Catherine secretly recruits a mysterious, out-of-state suitor to marry her niece, Vivvie. Unfortunately, Aunt Catherine passes away before introducing the mismatched lovers, and the idiosyncrasies of her will and estate throw the family into a wild chase for the hidden family fortune.

Directed by T. Newell Kring


  • Shirley Benyas
  • Terry Heck
  • Elizabeth Keiser
  • Joe Diederich
  • Andy Lindstrom
  • Lori W. Pelham
  • Barry Delaney
  • Patricia A. Rector
  • Set Designer: Bartley H. Bauer
  • Costume Designer: Lynn Durgom-McQuown
  • Lighting Designer: Susan Chute
  • Stage Manager: Dana Gamarra


”[’Blush at Nothing’] bequeathes us at least a laugh per minute, a ratio that would leave many a playwright purple with envy.”

– Ann Arbor News

“’Blush’ is full of charm and laughs.”

– Detroit Free Press


by Josh C. Manheimer

SEPTEMBER 5, 1991 – OCTOBER 27, 1991

“Kuru” takes place inside a jungle hut in New Guinea, where Dr. Arthur Roman is desperately seeking a cure to a fatal disease that plagues the native tribe’s women and children. This research is interrupted by the unannounced arrival of Roman’s fiancé. The ill-matched pair, along with a native tribe girl, stumble upon a possible cure which will save the tribe but permanently change their lives outside of the jungle.

Directed by T. Newell Kring


  • Arthur Pearson
  • Connie McGrail
  • Maria Csoka
  • Set Designer: Bartley H. Bauer
  • Properties Designer: Tampa Players
  • Costume Designer: Joanne Johnson
  • Lighting Designer: Dana White
  • Sound Designer: Bill Lelbach
  • Stage Manager: Amanda Mengden


“You could die laughing.”

– The Ann Arbor News

“Artfully written…”

– The Jackson Citizen Patriot

“Although the play triggers a constant urge to giggle, it also tiptoes around the intricate issues of death and cultural differences.”

– The Michigan Daily