a World Premiere by Lanford Wilson

JANUARY 11, 2001 – MARCH 17, 2001

“Rain Dance” centers on a young American scientist (played by Matt Letscher) who leaves New York to work on a top-level project in Los Alamos in 1945. Amidst the tranquil beauty of the desert Southwest, he is joined by a German colleague (played by Paul Hopper), his wife (Suzi Regan) and a Native American soldier (Billy Merasty) on the eve of an historic breakthrough. Within the next 24 hours, the culmination of their work will unfold and disrupt the serenity of the New Mexico mountains. As destiny approaches, will the quality of their lives, along with the rest of humanity, ever be the same?

Directed by Guy Sanville


  • CAST:
  • Matt Letscher
  • Billy Merasty
  • Suzi Regan
  • Paul Hopper
  • Set Designer: Vincent Mountain
  • Properties Designer: Danna Segrest
  • Costume Designer: Rebecca Ann Valentino
  • Lighting Designer: Dana White
  • Sound Designer: Suzi Regan
  • Stage Manager: Anthony Caselli and Julie Dougherty


“As directed by Guy Sanville, all four actors are superb in Wilson’s emotion-packed 90-minute tale.”

– Back Stage

“Rain Dance proves Purple Rose is a theatrical force.”

– The Detroit News

“…characters are simply strong and compelling…”

– Ann Arbor Observer


a World Premiere by Dennis E. North

APRIL 12, 2001 – JUNE 16, 2001

The 1920s and ’30s were difficult times with families losing their farms to foreclosure and bankruptcy. During that period, a train crossed the heartland with a mission of placing orphan children with new families, offering hope for a new beginning. Somewhere along this altruistic passage of uniting the children with a promising future, corruption and greed threatened to derail their happiness. A heart-warming story unfolds about good vs. evil in a world premiere suitable for the whole family.

Directed by Guy Sanville


  • Maggie Smith
  • Jessica Foley
  • Pamela Lehman
  • Christine Purchis
  • Tracy L. Spada
  • Beth Watson
  • Inga Wilson
  • John Lepard
  • Will Young
  • Lynch R. Travis
  • Rhonda Freya English
  • Tom Whalen
  • Milica Govich
  • Aaron Toronto
  • Jeffrey Nash
  • Tobin Hissong
  • Paul Hopper
  • Gary McKenzie
  • Shirley Perich
  • Tonya Beckman
  • Michelle Mountain
  • Jim Porterfield
  • Theodore Eyster
  • Kenneth Gerald Sutton
  • Set Designer: Andrew Gorney
  • Properties Designer: Danna Segrest
  • Costume Designer: Colleen Ryan-Peters
  • Lighting Designer: Rob Murphy
  • Stage Manager: Anthony Caselli and Joseph Zettelmaier


“A stunning production of a brilliant play.”

– The Chelsea Standard

“This is a marvelous, haunting, spirit-lifting play.”

– The Jackson Citizen Patriot

“…bound for glory.”

– The Ann Arbor News


a World Premiere by Annie Martin

JULY 12, 2001 – SEPTEMBER 1, 2001

Dahlia Newburg is an attractive modern woman seeking the ultimate satisfaction in the new millennium. Is her lover enough of a man to give it to her? Should she follow her mother’s advice? Or should she place herself in the hands of Dr. Kazooke, a new age counselor with unconventional methods? Laughs abound in this new comedy recommended for mature audiences only.

Directed by Anthony Caselli


  • Carey Crim
  • Ryan Carlson
  • Janet Maylie
  • Jim Porterfield
  • Elizabeth Ann Townsend
  • Leo McNamara
  • et Designer: Bartley H. Bauer
  • Properties Designer: Danna Segrest
  • Costume Designer: Eugenia Patterson
  • Lighting Designer: Reid Johnson
  • Sound Designer: Suzi Regan
  • Stage Manager: Julie Dougherty


“Superb six-actor ensemble…”

– The Ann Arbor News

“Offbeat humor a hit.”

– Jackson Citizen Patriot

“…a smart, insightful adult play that achieves its goals without resorting to excessive language or nudity.”

– The Chelsea Standard