by Robert Marasco and Jason Darrow (Book), Jason Darrow (Lyrics), and Carter Cathcart (Music)

OCTOBER 1, 1992 – DECEMBER 20, 1992

The story of Count Dracula is set to music in this story about his travels to the Seward Sanitarium, where he falls in love with Mina Seward. With the help of an inmate, Dracula continues his quest for eternal love in Mina.

Directed by Jim Posante, Steve DeDoes, James Christian Nissen


  • Wayne David Parker
  • Annette DePetris
  • Charles Sutherland
  • Joe Diederich
  • Miriam Shor
  • Tom Daugherty
  • Chuck O’Connor
  • Lori W. Pelham
  • Daniel Guzman
  • Jim Posante
  • Set Designer: T. Newell Kring
  • Costume Designer: Edith Leavis Bookstein
  • Lighting Designer: Dana White
  • Stage Manager: John-Michael Manfredi


“ …a mesmerizing retelling of the famous vampire tale…”

– Current

“Music that sets the mood, advances the plot, shows character and motivation, and showcases the excellent singers in the cast. What more could you ask for?”

– News Advertiser


by Velina Hasu Houston

JANUARY 14, 1993 – MARCH 7, 1993

When a middle-age woman struggles with a childless marriage and several failed attempts to adopt, she contemplates buying a baby through the classified listings.

Directed by Mary Bremer


  • Marilyn Mays
  • John Lepard
  • Wayne David Parker
  • Karen Kron
  • Tim Pickering
  • Sandra Marquez
  • Cheri Johnson
  • Elizabeth Keiser
  • Set Designer: Bartley H. Bauer
  • Costume Designer: Nancy Davis
  • Lighting Designer: Victor En Yu Tan
  • Stage Manager: Paul Marquis


“… an interesting, thought-provoking drama.”

– Ann Arbor Observer

“The playwright takes us through the whole journey of a childless woman’s plight and her attempts to undo that fact in a good, reality based play.”

– The Detroit Monitor

“Purple Rose’s steller cast includes Wayne David Parker as Danny and Marilyn Mays is convincing as the over-zealous, over-achieving Zelda.”

– Current Magazine


by Dennis McIntyre

APRIL 1, 1993 – JUNE 5, 1993

A wealthy Detroit couple is hosting a housewarming party in their new suburbian home when a longtime friend joins the evening. This three character play involves learning about values, friendship, and improvised football.

Directed by T. Newell Kring


  • Leon Flagg
  • Barbar Coven
  • Phillip Locker
  • Set Designer: Gary Decker
  • Costume Designer: Jeanette deJong
  • Lighting Designer: Peter Beudert
  • Stage Manager: Guy Sanville


“’Anthems’ may be Purple Rose’s best.”

– The Ann Arbor News

“It’s staging that makes ‘National Anthems’ pop.”

– Detroit Free Press

“’National Anthems’ is the Purple Rose’s most ambitious play to date.”

– The Detroit News


by Kim Carney

JUNE 17, 1993 – AUGUST 29, 1993

Frank and Joyce, after years of meeting and fantasizing about one another, arrange a lunch date that leads to checking into a hotel room. But unexpected guests and sudden bursts of guilt interrupt the moment they’ve been waiting for.

Directed by Guy Sanville


  • John Seibert
  • Marie O’Donnell
  • Todd E. Babcock
  • Mary Vinette
  • Ed Guest
  • Mary Kay Cook
  • Randall Godwin
  • Barbara Coven
  • Set Designer: Bartley H. Bauer
  • Costume Designer: Edith Leavis Bookstein
  • Lighting Designer: Daniel C. Walker
  • Stage Manager: Danna Segrest


“Certainly, Purple Rose’s actors, again, go the limit. Siebert and O’Donnell are so appealing.”

– Detroit Free Press

“Director Guy Sanville and a solid cast work hard at making ‘Nooner’ hilarious and occasionally poignant.”

– The Ann Arbor News

“Sanville sets the right pace.”

– Jackson Citizen Patriot